About Us.

With years of experience in the field of online marketing, web development, SEO optimisation and content creation, our team at Digitally Yours knows its way around the online marketplace. We deliver stellar results and can help even the smallest of start-ups find their place on the web. 

On the team we’ve got the head of digital strategy who has led teams at the world’s largest tech media publisher, and has been in the game so long he now bleeds bits. There’s the data expert who inhales data and exhales SEO. Our designer wields his mouse like a wand, whipping up spell-binding designs that blow customers away. We have a social media expert who’s spent so many years mastering the art of social media he now only communicates in captions, GIFs  and 140 characters or less. And we have a content head who refuses to write for bots, but instead grips her audience with compelling content that keeps her, well, content. (That, and chocolate cake).